UX design portfolio of Sydney based designer Timothy Van Martin

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I help make products easy to use for people – people like you and me.

I aim to delight. I aim for deliciousness. And most importantly, usefulness. This is the online portfolio of Sydney based User Experience Designer, Tim Van Martin. Welcome.


Things I do

Facilitating ideation & brainstorming sessions | heuristic studies | usability testing and refining
| creative direction | scoping | affinity mapping | feature prioritisation | competitor analysis | persona creation | defining a problem statement | agile user story creation | use cases | user flow diagrams | user journeys | site maps / architecture | wireframes | prototypes | A/B testing | UI design | UI style guides | atomic design

And I know what UX design methods for what job. Some jobs call for vast exploratory work, whilst others call for swiftness.

Case studies

Following is a small collection of case studies from recent projects. To comply with Medicines Australia’s code of conduct, you will need a passcode to view any pharmaceutical related projects. Feel free to contact me for one.

Readiracer logo vapour wave

Making spelling revision fun

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The Internet of Things

10+ years designing for iOT

Most of my design career has been working on digital products – iOS & Android native applications, and responsive websites. I have also enjoyed opportunities to explore beyond mobile devices and personal computers. Projects I have worked on have included EDMS, microsites, pre-rolls, animated ad banners (I try and avoid ads now), explainer videos, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), offline sales displays, wayfinding media in shopping centres, POS (Point of Sale) and back-end business admin systems.

But I am not limited to just these things. A good designer treats every project with an open mind and tackles it as a journey of discovery. The tech world is moving at an incredible pace and one cannot rely on experience alone. Throughout my career, I have been quick to adapt and morph and am forever learning new tricks. Change is constant.