UX design portfolio of Sydney based designer Timothy Van Martin

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I help make products easy to use for people – people like you and me.

I aim to delight. I aim for deliciousness, and most importantly, usefulness.

This is the online portfolio of Sydney based Product Designer / User Experience Designer, Tim Van Martin.



Things I do

User research, facilitating ideation & brainstorming sessions, heuristic studies, usability testing and refining, creative direction, scoping, affinity mapping, feature prioritisation, competitor analysis, persona creation, defining a problem statement, agile user story creation, use cases, user flow diagrams, user journeys, wireframes, interactive prototypes, A/B testing, UI design, UI style guides, atomic design systems, copywriting.

Case studies

Following is a small collection of case studies from recent projects. Some case studies require a passcode.

Readiracer logo vapour wave

Making spelling revision fun

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The Internet of Things

Over 10 years of product design experience

I started my design career freelancing as a graphic designer but quickly moved to what was then known as “digital design”. The transition to Product Designer took many years. Starting in media agencies I worker on large variety of projects for well established brands, designing native apps, websites, EDMs, animated banners, pre-rolls, explainer videos, VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), offline sales displays, wayfinding media in shopping centres, POS (Point of Sale), back-end business admin systems and so on.

I’ve had the privilege to work across government and many industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, fast food, consumer electronics, and more.

Importantly, in this ever changing world I’ve demonstrated what matters most – the ability to adapt.